Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Came home to a busted pipe tonight. I put my boots on, went outside, ripped off the paneling and shut off the main. I then went inside and sat there for a minute and thought about what to do. I decided to call the park emergency line and they sent someone over to assess. He looked underneath and said, "Oh, you've got problems." I burst into tears. He said someone had "Mickey Moused" with he plumbing and it was "half-assed" at best. Yay. So glad the fucking home inspector (who gladly accepted my $250) took note of that. So...

He (they, maybe) are coming back tomorrow morning to get a good look and see what they can do. I don't have any clue what plumbers make, but he said he thinks it's probably at least 3 hours of work. Every time I think I've gotten a break -- some Christmas money, my tax return -- some kind of shit hits the fan and I am back at zero. All I want is to make my required payments, not have to live on Ramen noodles, and have a little money for my trip. The universe is conspiring against me. Why is this so fucking difficult?!

So... To add to the financial bliss, I will be missing who-knows-how-much work tomorrow morning, so the plumber(s) can come and go from the house. Hey, if anyone is independently wealthy and feels like making a donation to a pathetic case like me, I'd be happy to share my PayPal information! Just kidding. Well, half-kidding...


P.S. I miss Jason. (Sorry, Sarah...but I do. *sigh*)

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well, the water to the washer is frozen up again. And if you're sick of hearing about it, just remember that you could never be quite as sick as I am of dealing with it. I don't understand how I got through all of last winter (which wasn't very snowy, but was very cold) with not a single freeze and now these fucking pipes won't stop freezing. Had water running to the washer this morning, but not tonight. And you may wonder why the hell it matters whether or not I have water running to the washer. After all, if's a non-essential item, right? I could always go to a laundromat, right? Yes I could. However, if it's not running, it's frozen. Frozen pipes burst. Burst pipes spray water. Burst pipes that spray water are a nightmare and expensive to fix, no matter what water supply they're affecting. *groan* I have the dryer running full blast, hoping that the vented hot air will defrost whatever's frozen again. I sure as hell hope the groundhog was right -- I need an early spring!!

I went to Sarah's today to make peanutbutter cookies with the kids. We had a good time. I learned the importance of detailed instructions today; more specifically, I learned that instructions are open to interpretation. I told him to roll small balls of dough and put them on the cookie sheet. When I turned back around from washing dishes, there were like 20 tiny balls (diameter or a dime, maybe), all in a line. He's so cute. Anyway, after cookies and lunch, Hayden put on some of Lauren's dress-up clothes from Christmas (we're talking sparkly purple princess dress, high heeled shoes with twinkly bows, jewelry, tiara, majic wand and wings and just went about his business like that. That is something I totally love about kids: fun is fun. Hayden has no preconception about what he should or shouldn't wear or like or do. If only we could somehow hang on to that attitude as we grew up. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

Gonna go try the laundry again. Wish me luck. And have a great week!

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