Monday, January 29, 2007

Well, I guess I oughta...

I am one of those tortured writers who has nothing to say unless I'm miserable. While the last month has definitely presented several pains in my ass, it has been far from miserable. I am, more or less, quite a happy camper. Therefore, I don't have much to report.

Worth mentioning:

1) Home ownership is not all it's cracked up to be. In the last two weeks, my pipes have frozen and unfrozen and my water heater sprung a huge leak and had to be replaced…and right after it was replaced, a pipe under the house burst and started gushing water everywhere. The guy who came to replace the water heater, though I do think he was just harmless and lonely, fixed the busted pipe for free (it was not part of my installation contract with a large home improvement chain store which shall remain nameless), but did keep mentioning that I should go put on a low-cut shirt in return for the favor. I was afraid of the mess I'd be left with if I told him to fuck off so I just laughed it off. And no, I absolutely did not go put on a low-cut shirt. I definitely appreciated the favor, but didn't appreciate being objectified and made to feel like I should have somehow earned the favor -- I didn't request his assistance and had I, there would have been a check involved, not cleavage. (Incidentally, that was the first time in a long time that I felt vulnerable to another human being. The guy was about 6'6" and maybe 300 pounds…coulda done way more to me than just make suggestions…) Anyway, I have done way more laundry and showering at work in the last two weeks than anyone should ever do. And now I have a whole new neurosis about water. Every time I try to turn on the faucet or flush, I hold my breath. Sucks balls.

2) I applied for my passport last Thursday. Yippeeeeeeeeee! When it was just all talk about me going over to visit Jason, that was one thing. Then I (well, actually we) actually asked for the time off and it began to feel a little more tangible. Now I have spent the $112 on getting the necessary documentation and I am buzzing with excitement. The only thing left is the ticket and that is eminent. I can't wait to go. Per my countdown clock, there're 95 days left. I have always wanted to go to the UK and not to be completely cheesy, but the only thing I can imagine making it better is that he will be with me. Oh, and he wants to go fishing. I haven't been fishing in so long and believe it or not, I am wicked psyched about that!

*sigh* I have this indescribable feeling at all times since I met him… And I am not just being melodramatic to say it's indescribable. I am a writer at heart. I can usually come up with a way to describe anything, and accurately. But this just doesn't work like that. All I can say is that it's very, very good. Wait...maybe there are some words... Well, right now, when I think of him...y'know the feeling of being physically hungry? I feel that in my heart and soul. Longing? I'unno. But it makes me smile and makes my heart flutter, and I'd say that's a good thing.

Gonna go find something to do. Hope everyone's Monday was gentle. Nothing worse than getting your ass kicked at the beginning of the week.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where to begin... I guess chronologically will work. God knows I need some kind of structure.

Weds. 12/20 - Jason landed. I was bouncing around in my chair at work all day and slept with the phone beside my bed that night, like a high school girl with a crush, waiting for the call.

Thurs. 12/21 - Still no word. Starting to get a little hyperactive. (OK, I usually am, but this was worse than usual.) Finally got an IM that night.

Fri. 12/22 - Worked until 2pm and met Jason and Brian for lunch. It was five minutes of awkward, about two hours of over-stimulating, followed by unexpectedly comfortable from there on out. Went to WalMart and got a few things. Had a tickle war in the parking lot. Came back here and they tormented my poor, crazy dog with a laser pointer. Brian played with the cats and didn't want to leave when it was time to go. This meant the world to me, because being kid-clueless, this was a major worry of mine: will he like me? He did. And does.

Sat. 12/23 - Went out for groceries and last minute gifts. Didn't accomplish much else besides laundry and a half-assed attempt at making my house presentable. Fell asleep on the couch watching something Christmasy -- don't remember what. J arrived around 9 PM and the giggly, blushy stuff ensued. Watched most of Mr. Deeds. Talked into the wee hours.

Sun. 12/24 - Pancakes, corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Finished Mr. Deeds, fell asleep together on my couch. J left to go back to Sarah's that afternon. Spent the night very bored and lonely. Something about being alone on Christmas Eve especially sucks. I'd rather be alone on Christmas day than Christmas Eve. Anyway...

Mon. 12/25 - Went over to Sarah's in the AM. Opened presents with her, Jason, Aaron, and the kids. Extended family arrived around lunch time. I had a great time horsing around with the little ones and ate a lot. I'm not sure when I got home (4:30 maybe?) but Indie was about to burst she had to pee so bad.

Tues. 12/26 - Back over to Sarah's for leftovers and board games. Managed to pass another seven or eight hours in the blink of an eye. I think I was home by six or seven that night. Again, poor dog about to burst. I suck. But I was having such a good time!

Weds. 12/27 - Looooong day at work. I don't recall it being particularly busy, just an ass-dragging sort of day, 'cause my head was only half there. J and Brian came by around 6pm to find out what I wanted for dinner from Liu's Garden (wicked good Chinese food.) I got home around 7:15 and dinner was in the oven staying warm, Jason had put away my clean dishes, reloaded with the dirty ones and wiped down my stove and counters! I was beside myself. Brian was in the living room watching Cartoon Network with Indie. We ate and then went to go see the 9:10 showing of Night at the Museum. As of 9:30, it still wasn't playing, so someone finally got up to inquire; evidently someone thought they had started it. Oops. Almost fell asleep in the theater towards the end.

Thurs. 12/28 - I don't even remember this day and night. I guess I didn't do anything other than work.

Fri. 12/29 - Thought about going over to Sarah's to hang out while they did a pre-burn of the bonfire, but I was too tired. Out cold on the couch by 8:30pm.

Sat. 12/30 - Went over to Sarah's for Hayden and Brian's (belated) birthday party. That was a lot of fun. I am amazed how much I have enjoyed the company of these kids. I truly thought I was one of those people who were just plain not good with kids. But now I think I just haven't spent time with the right kids. Anyway, J and I went to Sam's Club for this and that and then Shaw's to pick up a few things. Got back to the house and ate some sort of turkey/ham/rice/pea surprise that Sarah concocted. I thought it was perfectly tasty as it was; Aaron drowned his in gravy.

Sun. 12/31 - Puttered around the house, pretending to be productive for most of the day. Headed over to Sarah's around 4PM. Had way too many kamikazes, hung out with good friends, ate good food, lad a lot of laughs. Midnight came upon us in a very anticlimactic manner… No countdown or anything, just "Oh, shit, it's 12:05. Happy New Year!" It was a beautiful night though -- cold and clear. We set off poppers around the fire… Nothin' like the smell of burning plastic.

Mon. 1/1 - Jason and I stayed out by the fire until around 2 (I think) and then went to our respective sleeping areas (per sis's insistence). I didn't sleep much (never do in someone else's house) and opened my eyes around 6am to see to Brian and Hayden creeping towards me in a very suspicious manner. If I hadn't begged for mercy, I do believe they would have pounced on me, hangover or no hangover. Anyway, I hung out there for most of the day and left just as it was getting dark. Had an awkward kiss goodbye in the driveway with the entire family watching and then J and I got into our cars and drove away…

…thank gawd he was able to stop by after bringing Brian back down to his mother's. I had this horrible feeling of unfinishedness. So, rest assured, the proper kissing and hugging was accomplished later on.

Anyway... Wow, can't believe it's been two weeks since then already. Sorry I dragged ass on the posting. I guess I sort of had to decompress before I could even try to put it into words. I am, of course, summarizing, but you get the idea. You don't need ever little detail, right?

On to the most recent: the laser surgery went as well at it could. Tuesday and Wednesday were really bad. I should have known it was gonna be bad when they phoned in Vicoden before I even left the building! Barb took me to my second follow-up appt. on Friday and they say I am actually healing way faster than average, which is good. We went to Target so I could get some sunglasses (well, something other than the Terminator Grandma style the gave me!) and I could see all the way to the back of the store. I still have the contact lens bandages in, which are getting a little gunky, and even so, my vision is better now than it was. I'm psyched! Just beware: if you ever find yourself consideing PRK, it's definitely worth it and I would do it again, but when they tell you it is "more uncomfortable" than LASIK and takes longer to heal, what they mean is: it's going to feel like someone raked across your eyeballs with hot needles and then packed your eyelids with sand. You will also have shooting pains in locations of your eyeball that don't make sense, such as at the back of the eye. Your eyes will be so swollen from the involuntary tears that even if your corneas weren't all roughed up, you wouldn't be able to see a damn thing. You will stumble around your house in between naps (mercifully brought on by the Vicoden) and lose all track of time, drifting in and out of sleep on your couch, listening to the TV and having weird dreams about whatever's on. They will be the longest 48 hours of your life and then things will start to get better...

Sounds like fun, no?

Anyway...I should go do laundry or something. I get my goopy contact lens banages out tomorrow AM - yaaaaay! The only thing I am worried about is that I am supposed to be sleeping with these goggle things on and I have woken up 2 nights now without them, and rubbing my eyes. I hope I haven't done any damage. They're so friggin itchy from the lenses, the myriad of eyedrops and from just not touching them for the last week. *sigh* Wish me luck.

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