Monday, December 18, 2006

2 friggin AWESOME things to share:

1) My PRK (laser vision correction) is scheduled for 1/9. Yaaaaaay! I will be so glad not to have to depend on glasses. I like them (as much as I can like an annoying plastic contraption on my face), but I won't miss them!

2) I recently asked for a week off in May (the week of my birthday) and was holding my breath to see if I could get it. Well, I did. And for that week, I am 99.9% sure I will be in England with Jason!


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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fuckin' A... I had a good post going and then accidentally opened Gmail and lost it. Oh, well. I guess I can probably do better anyway.

Today I went out with Sarah and the kids to take pics of them for Christmas. It was really a pretty average day, but I had so much fun. Being with Hayden and Lauren and watching them play, getting to do some portraiture (my favorite!), shooting the shit with Sarah (actually getting out and being social), eating grilled cheese sandwiches in a warm kitchen with a family... It did my heart good. I had a really good day.

When I got home, I worked on some design stuff for my mom and then talked to Jason for a while. When he logged off for bed, I stared making cookies... I doubled the recipe because I thought I'd need to in order to have enough to send a good amount to my immediate family members... Well, three hours and 145 rolled balls of dough later, if I never see a chocolate cookie again, it will be too soon!

What else... I edited my selection of photos on MySpace. Felt like posting something other than emo webcam shots, more of a glimpse (albeit a brief one) into my world. Maybe MySpace is growing on me... Maybe.

On the note of MySpace: I found a friend of mine from like 8 years ago who's actually pursuing his dream and is enrolled is music school in Boston. It's a long story about our friendship (too long for my freezing fingers to tackle right now -- especially with half my keys sticking!) but suffice it to say I always wondered about him after I left our hometown. He's doing awesome and it seems I didn't have a bad influence (not a lasting one, anyway!) on him after all. Yay for that.

I thought this was friggin hilarious:

Yes, I befriended Santa. And do you know how many imposters are out there with MySpace pages? It's appalling! I'm pretty sure I found the real one, though...

Hmmm...what else... If any of my not-size-2 friends are interested, I found a great source of pretty underthings. I'm not sayin' what I bought, but I will tell you it's high quality and actually fits. Hallelujah! I have nothing against thin women, but when everything except frumpy, elastic-waist pants are geared towards their body type (OK, I might exaggerating...a little), it's refreshing to find something made especially for the average female population. So go shop. It's good shit.

He'll be home in a little over 3 days... *deep breath* I am so exited that I am kind of in denial. When I think about it too much, I feel like I'm going to explode, so it's probably a means of self-preservation that it still doesn't seem real to me. When Wednesday rolls around and I know he's on the ground... Man, oh man. I may just die and go to heaven.

I suppose that's all I have to say tonight. Hope everyone's well. I wish you a very happy holiday (whichever one you may celebrate) now, in case I am too incapacitated to touch base in the next couple weeks. I'm going to go watch SNL.

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