Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I had a wicked hot dream about Vince Vaughn the other night. It's been about a hundred years since I had a crush on a celebrity that could make me wiggle in my chair. I think it was Ewan McGregor. Hotter than hot in Trainspotting, even despite the heroin make-up and scrawniness.

Back to VV: What is it about this boy? Is it the eyes? And who's on your list (and you know the list I'm talking about!) Do tell...

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Most Beautiful

At my most beautiful, I am scrubbed clean;
the loveliness of pure me glows in all its glory --
fine lines, chicken pox scars and all.

At my most beautiful, I undress myself of bitterness,
toss away scars of the heart like rags,
blow a handful of hurt gently away.

At my most beautiful, my spirit ascends easily
to float in the absence of anger,
on the wings of forgiveness.

At my most beautiful, he watches and says nothing,
enveloped in the light that seeps from me
as I sleep.



The dust of me settled
on that worn wooden floor
to mingle with the summer sand.
Stowaway like I was,
it found its way to places
it didn't belong.

In the dark windows,
in the warmth of your acceptance,
hangs there still
a forgotten sigh.
Time can't take my breath,
still caught
in the light string.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ever have a moment where you desperately wish you could talk to or just be in the company of someone from your past? I am having one now.

I am sometimes surprised by who stirs these longings; it is not always someone I would expect. The only thing I can figure is that it is some peace or comfort or happiness shared with the person that I miss.

Right now I am missing all of those things. Not that they are absent from my life at present, they are just not the same brand. Interesting how your heart and soul can crave a particular flavor just like your belly does.

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Last night I made a wannabe Italian dinner. It was nothing fancy and gourmet like Laura would have done, but it was quite tasty. Salad, warm Italian bread with olive oil for dipping (I added herbs and roasted garlic for flavor), Chicken Parmigiana, and Bella Sera Pinot Grigio. I have always avoided wine because of bad memories tied to the smell of it (drunk mother, 'nuff said), but this was quite enjoyable for $8.99 a bottle. I also had Jane Monheit playing, which gave my small disheveled kitchen a classy restaurant feel. It was a good night.

Incidentally, if anyone's interested, I came across Jane Monheit in a flight magazine while on a plane back from my mother's probably six years ago. She sounded interesting, so I bought an album when I got home. If you like jazz, I'd highly suggest picking up something of hers. The one I bought, Never Never Land, was her first album and it looks like she's put out a bunch more over the years -- even a "best of" album. So dig in and try some.

My sinuses are on fire today, so I am going to just chill here and take it easy lest I get sicker. Ugh. I hate having a deviated septum in the winter and not enough money (or bravery) to have it surgically corrected. Harumph.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I had a great post about kitty litter cake and Barb's dog sneak-humping everyone, but last night Blogger ate it, belched loudly and then scratched its balls at the table. Rude motherfucker.

Hope everyone has a kickass Friday. I am off (way off - ha!) and will be sleeping in. Ta ta.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If you can't make a kitty litter cake for your veterinary co-worker's 30th birthday, for whom can you make one?

It will be unveiled on top of newspaper with a card that says: You know us. We had to give you a little shit for your 30th birthday.

Yes, we have a sick sense of humor. I'd say it's a prerequisite for making it in the field. You deal with that much piss, shit and puke and tell me it doesn't happen to you.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

A lot of the time, I think in blog posts. Although it probably sounds mental, when I find something amusing or intriguing or sentimental, I write a blog post in my head. I never remember it when I'm actually in front of my computer, which is a shame. My mind blog is way better than this blog. Anyway...

It's insanely warm here today. Well, insanely warm for the middle of January in New Hampshire. On 1/21 last year, the high was 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Today the high was 57 degrees Fahrenheit, beating a record of 52 for this day, set in 1957. (Yup, I'm a web geek and I checked.) It's awesome. Feels like spring.

Lynyrd Skynyrd on the radio: sweet home Alabama... *sigh* I need to go see The Bars soon. I find myself actually needing a fix, like when you get a craving for some food you haven't had in a while. Until you have some, you won't be satisfied. I miss my boys.

I am in the middle of a little project in the bathroom. The window is too small for curtains in my opinion and I don't want to obscure the light, but I need some kind of privacy, lest my neighbors see my boobies. I went to WalMart looking for frosted Con-Tact paper which they didn't have, so I went to the hardware store and picked up some Glass Frosting spray paint. I was going to do it plain, but then I came up with the idea of doing a thin layer, putting on some leaf stickers and then layering some more, so it will have an etched glass look with leaves. It's not done, but I have my "before" pictures taken, so I will keep you appraised. I think it's going to look really cool.

I guess that's all I have to say today. I wish my mind blog had a record button.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jay and I ripped down the wallpaper in the kitchen today, along with a bunch of the molding and spackled the little holes and seams in the drywall. The kitchen is trashed and nothing is where it's supposed to be, but I am trying to see it as a means to an end that I will very much enjoy.

Aside from that, I got groceries, cleaned the bathroom, did three loads of laundry and designed a logo for the NH Dairy Goat Association. Don't laugh -- my coworker is very involved with them and they don't have a site or a logo, so I said I'd help. I think it came out really nice.

Anyhoo, I have to go get stuff out of the dryer. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

T.G.I.S. Every get so tired that when you go to sleep, you lose track of what day comes next and wake up in a panic that you're going to be late for work, when in fact you have the day off? Then you remember that you're not working and the warm, blissful appreciation of that fact drips down your shoulders and into your bed and makes it feel extra good to be there and not have to get up? Well, good morning to me! I love that feeling.

Yesterday was crazy at work. I probably shouldn't talk numbers, but just to give you an idea: I would estimate that a good day for us (a 1 doctor, 2 receptionist, 3 tech practice) is $3000 worth of transactions. I really good day is probably $3500 - $4000. Yesterday we did over $5400. Sometimes the big totals are padded by one expensive transaction, like a $1400 orthopedic surgery or something, so we don't really get excited about those days. But yesterday, there was nothing like that. The $5400 was pure production. Jenn (my help) was also off and Sarah (tech) had to leave early, so we did that with 1 doctor, 1 receptionist and 2 techs. Believe me, I felt it.

Anyway, it just never ceases to amaze me how much this hospital, due to the personalities, ideas and skills of the people who work here (not to be cocky, but honest) has blown away every professional projection of how we should be doing. We have gained a reputation on VIN due to our success and even famous (in veterinary circles) practice consultants have responded to Dr. Harriton as "Ah yes, you're the one." I mean, holy shit! That's like Bill Gates giving a shit about some fledgling software company. OK, maybe not quite that amazing, but you get the point...

If they don't like me on the phone, they don't come. If they don't like the techs and doctor, they don't come back. If they don't really care either way, they don't tell their friends. I actually had a woman call yesterday to make an appointment and she asked me if my ears had been ringing the night before. I said no and asked why. Well, she works for Wentworth Douglas, a nearby human hospital, said, "Well, a bunch of my coworkers and I were talking about how wonderful you are last night." I laughed and said, "Me or the hospital?" She said, "Well, the hospital too, but mostly you." Wow. I make enough of a difference to these people that they talk about me when things are slow at work? Holy shit. That means a lot. It means I am doing a good job. It also means we have a lot of clients at Wentworth Douglas and that they'll tell other coworkers and they will call and they will like me and then they will come and like the techs and the doctor and then the cycle repeats. It's probably silly of me to think it's so amazing, I guess I too am sometimes surprised how well we're doing. It feels good to be a part of something good.

Last night Barb, Dan, Jenn and Mike and I went out to dinner at Dante's. A couple of our clients own it and it's right in town, so we figured it'd be a good place to meet. The food was pretty good, the dessert was awesome and I even had a glass of wine, which I never do. (My mother drank a lot of wine when I was a kid and I have...shall we say, bad memories attached to the smell of wine, so I have always avoided it. Thank you, Laura, for the mead. You've started to turn the tide.) Anyway, I had this: TORTELLINI con PANNA Fresh cheese filled pasta pouches in a cream sauce with smoked Italian prosciutto and snow peas. The thing I thought was hilarious (maybe it's just me) is that amid the tortellini, I found 2 stowaways: 1 ravoili and 1 piece of penne. It made me wonder if my cream sauce had previously been on someone else's plate...

Today I'm going to go get some drop cloths, spackle and tape and hopefully we're starting the kitchen this weekend. Yippee! I should go get ready to leave so I can also hit the bank and post office before they close.

Happy Saturday!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alrighty then... All of a sudden, the fonts on my browser were huge and I was convinced that alien computer goblin demons had come in while Norton was in the shitter and fucked something up. As it turns out, I somehow must have done it myself. To remedy this situation (for anyone else who somehow makes this mistake), one need only click on View in IE, then Text Size and then set it back to whatever it was. Somehow, I had mine on Large. Lol. I may be a bit near-sighted, but I ain't blind!

It's cold and raining here. The kind of weather that chills you to the bone. Sounds nice though. Haven't heard rain on a roof in a looooooong time. Can't wait for spring!!

My mom sent me these today. She's working on albums for all us kids. They cracked me up.

This is yours truly. Yes, I've heard it before that I "looked Chinese" when I was little.

This is me goofing off while on a late fall vacation on Lake Winnipesaukee. My mom always used to rent cabins in the off season because it was cheaper, so we'd get a vacation after we'd only been back in school for like a month. My teachers loooooved that!

Ah, eatin' watermelon by the pool. Those were the days. That's my sister on the left, brother in the middle and me sticking my head out on the right. I was bare-ass nekkid 'cause we had been skinny dipping and I didn't have the sense to get dressed. Damn hippy kids!

Anyway, new Lost tonight. Goody goody goody! *rubs palms together* Have a good night!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Damn, I didn't realize it'd been 10 days since I updated this thing. The last week and a half has flown. Work's been surprisingly busy. I say surprisingly because winter is usually wicked slow but we've been pulling in about 30% more business (money-wise) than usual. It's good, but makes me nervous about spring. Sort of like if you got a shitload of snow in the fall -- it'd make you shudder to think about how much will come when it's actually supposed to. Anyway...

Today I went to the condo to spackle and paint, but all I got done was the spackling cause there was lots to do and you can't paint it until it's dry. Then I went to CMC to pick up some chemotherapy drugs for Barb's dog, Jack. Yes, we do things like chemo on animals. Well, good vets will anyway. Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence for a pet, if you have the desire and means to look past euthanasia as a solution. I have known way too many vets who said, "Sorry, nothing we can do," and didn't even present the possibilities. If someone doesn't want or isn't able to do chemo, that's fine, but shouldn't they at least know it's an option? Anyway, so I felt like a knight (what is the feminine of knight?) in shining armor, pulling up to work with the bag o' drugs all the way from Manch Vegas. I couldn't go in because some time during my spackling, the small tear in the knee of my jeans split all the way up to my crotch. I taped it closed and pulled my pea coat down as far as I could to go in and get the drugs, but the tape gave out as soon as I was back in the car and I was not about to get out again until I was home! (Yeah, these things only happen to me.)

I guess that's all I have to report. Things are good. Hope that's true for all of you as well.

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