Sunday, August 29, 2004

After an entire lifetime without a good bed... After living with back pain from the moment I woke up in the morning, 'til the moment I laid back down and then on through the nite... After 26 years of springs in my back or a sag in the middle... Last nite Jay and I went down to Jordan's Furniture and I bought myself (well, us, but it's mine as I am paying for it) a Tempurpedic mattress set. Yahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Well, for some reason I found myself on a Goonies kick this afternoon. Haven't seen it recently and so I really couldn't tell you what brought it on. No matter. It's a lovable classic and you should all go rent it today.

Last nite Jay and I went to see The Bars and Believer, an Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. The Bars kicked ass (as they always do) and although the Ozzy dude did an awesome impression and looked/walked/sung very much like him, we didn't stay for much of that. Ozzy is weird and sort of sad himself, and pretending to be that weird and sad is kind of...well, weird and sad. Lol. Sorry if I am offending anyone. Anyhoo, here's a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure...

The Ozzy Wannabe

The Crowd... This place was totally packed.

Anyway, so it's been a good weekend so far. Wicked hot today, so we are hiding out in the A/C and nursing our...ok, my...hangover. Been a long time since I went out and had that much fun. :o) Can't wait to do it again!!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ah yes. Just finished watching The Top 25 Power Ballads on VH1, and am now listening to Def Leppard Vault - just finished Photograph. I don't care what anybody says. The 80s rocked when it came to music - hard rock specifically. I'm not about to run out and purchase acid-washed stretch jeans and Reebok Hi-tops and tease my hair into a huge, tattered 'fro, but c'mon... Credit where credit's due...

So anyway, sorry I've been M.I.A.. Last week was just stressful and I had nothing nice to say, so per my mother's instruction when I was a child, I chose not to say anything at all. Life's been a bit rocky, but I have high hopes that it will get better.

Check this out and let me know if you have any suggestions or encounter any problems. I know it's fine in IE, but there are other browsers I am not so sure of.

Guess that's really all I have to say today. Hope everyone's well. :o)

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Monday, August 16, 2004

I'm feeling stressed out and my back hurts, so I'm going to bed. Not to sleep, just to bed. Where I can lay down and watch T.V. and be stressed out and sore horizontally. Ta ta.

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

To those special few who read my sad little blog, you know I can't take pink for very long. So this is the odd brain child that is replacing the fuschia butterfly layout. Hope ya dig it. :o)

On the subject of pink, and in absolute contradiction to the aforementioned "can't take the pink" comment, I went crazy and rewarded myself with a few more items from, all of which are at least accented with pink, if not almost totally pink. What can I say? The newly emerging bod makes me feel girly. I guess it's a good thing. I also went to WalMart today and indulged in some jeans and tops. I rarely buy clothes under normal circumstances, but with the weightloss, I really don't have a choice in the matter. Things I didn't expect to grow out of (or shrink out of?) so quickly are baggy to the point of looking silly. It's really nothing to bitch about, because overall this is a good thing. Just something I didn't expect.

I guess that's all I really have for now. It's been an uneventful weekend so far. Thought about going down to Dracut to see The Bars, but after I awoke from my nap this afternoon with a horrendous sinus headache, that was scratched. Thought about going to see the third Harry Potter at the one semi-local theater still playing it, but that theater is thirty minutes away, it doesn't start until 9:55 pm, and is over two hours long, so we'd be rolling in here around one in the morning and I am just too old for that. Ha ha. There were days when that was early for me!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I love my job. For the work I did on the website, they gave me
this today. Mine is a horribly old (over 3 years), beaten to death, was-crap-even-when-new HP that they don't even make anymore. So yay for me. Only bad thing: the battery didn't come charged, so like a little kid on Christmas Eve, I have to wait. *grumble grumble*

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Pfffft. What a friggin boring weekend. I didn't really get a single productive thing done. Well, that's not entirely true. Jay and I had a good talk, I did a little work on the animal hospital website and even more work on The Bars website. The files on that one will eventually be moving off the server I use, but are currently taking up a shitload of room. Ugh. Oh, well. Not like I get more than the occasional visitor or post more than the occasional update, anyway...

Um... I got some Crest Premium Whitestrips 'cause I am in this neverending quest to have blindingly white teeth. They aren't yellow by any means, but they could always be whiter. The regular ones - last time I did them, which even then, was only for 7 sessions out of the required 28 - make my teeth hurt like a motherfucker, so I suspect these premium ones, which work in half the time, will be twice as bad. Oh, well. Beauty is pain I guess. Ha ha ha. Incidentally, I got them at WalMart for $5 less than that link advertises (and my pack came w/free Crest Vivid White toothpaste!), so shop wisely if you shop at all.

What else? Not much to report. Oh, Jay and I watched Hellboy. Or, more accurately, Jay and I watched most of Hellboy, then I went and did something else about 3/4 in because it sucked so terribly. What a waste of $3.95. And almost 2 hours of my life that I will never get back.

Well, that's about all I have to say. Hope everyone had a great weekend and that Monday won't be too harsh. It all too often is.

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Friday, August 06, 2004

T.G.I.F! Yay! The end of the week! And guess who just realized she has Monday off too? Yes yes yes! That would be meeeeeee! *huge smile* This week was actually pretty good in the scheme of things. Work good, home good, finances good, lovin' good... Everything good. :o) I have been working on the new website for The Bars which is coming along nicely and despite the fact that I tried and failed to link you to it, I think I have just discovered how to get around the glitches in the new Blogger format, so here. For whatever reason, their little "Add a Link" feature doesn't work for jack as far as I am concerned. So I have to do it manually, go back and fix it ('cause it gets screwed up somehow) and then it's good. I don't think it doesn't work persay, I just don't see what about the feature has changed and how to do it now. I am a dumbass, yes indeedy. Anyway... So here's to good weeks. :o)

I got this awesome shirt from, though even their smallest size is now just slightly too big for me... I just went on their site to see if I could find a picture of it and surprise! It's now on friggin sale. Ain't that just my luck. Anyhoo, when and if I wear it somewhere, maybe you'll get a pic. It's awesome. Been a very long time since I was excited about buying clothes. If you don't get the theme here, it's that I have lost another few pounds and they are the ones that seem to have made the most noticable difference so far. People are starting to say things. I am starting to have to throw out old baggy clothes. This feels good.

OH! Another thing I am psyched about is the new dummer for The Bars. We're in touch via email due to the website work and he's wicked cool. Now don't get me wrong - I love Jay. I am with Jay. I intend to stay with Jay. I am not having notions about this guy. He's married anyway. (Not that that ever stopped anyone who was truly unhappy from straying, but you get my point...) It's just not very often that someone pleasantly surprises me in the way of being potentially awesome friend material. The only downer is that Jay doesn't believe that heterosexual men and women can be friends without sex becoming and issue, despite my protests to the contrary... So as much as I would love to explore a friendship, I have my doubts as to it's likely fluidity. That is sad to me. Oh well. We shall see what happens.

I hung out with an old friend last weekend and forgot to mention it in my Sunday post. (Sorry Kell!) It was so nice to see her that I just got the lead out and left a message for another long lost buddy, Desiree. I don't know when or if she'll call me back but I've got it in my head that I'm going to drag her out somewhere this weekend. I hope to hear from her. And get together with Kell again, too! :o)

Um, I guess that's it. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :o)

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Tired of fucking w/CSS, so please understand... Feeling pink today. 'Nough said.

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Yesterday I went to a Harley Davidson poker run to benefit the NH Special Olympics. I wasn't actually there for the run, I was there to take pics of The Bars, who played outside. I have a fairly ugly sunburn and only got a few good pics. The Kodak supposedly "high-definition" 400 film is a crock of shit. The pics were grainy with bad contrast. And I know how to use my camera (not my digital - this is my fancy schmancy Minolta), so I can more or less guarantee that it wasn't my fault. I would say I only got a handfull of good pictures. Of course, I am a perfectionist, so no matter what, I'd probably think at least half of them sucked. Oh well!

The funny thing - or more tragically "Erin" thing - is that I wore my "got jenna?" t-shirt, thinking if you couldn't wear it around a bunch of hardass Harley people, where could you wear it? Well, when we got there, the signs and volunteer t-shirts all said "Jenna's Run," but I had no idea who Jenna was. Figured it was the person who organized it or something. Thought it was a funny coincidence, but didn't put much thought into it beyond that.

So as we were waiting to hear who won what in the raffle, I realized that Jenna was a little girl with Down's Syndrome who was actually there and drawing the tickets. I sort of hid behind my friend Kelly in an attempt to make myself less noticable, but then it occurred to me that if I won a prize, I would have to go up in front of all these bikers wearing a Jenna Jameson t-shirt, and have my picture taken with the little girl and that even though it was a horrible coincidence and no disrespect was intended, it probably wouldn't be seen that way. So, Kell and I snuck away.

Is that not something that would only happen to me? So all day I was running around taking pictures thinking I was a defiant badass for wearing my porn t-shirt out in public, when in reality I probably had a few hundred bikers thinking I was a misfit bitch with no respect. Ugh. Anyway... Here are a few of the pics I actually like, from the black and white roll. Incidentally, I think one of the problems was that I dropped off the film for 1-hour processing and just got the disks, not the prints (don't need the prints) and I think the quality of the negative and the picture itself is lost through their supposed digitizing process. From the looks of the edges of these things, they used a shitty digital camera to take a pic of a contact sheet or something. bah. Lesson learned.

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