Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I just became a biker babe by association...

He quit smoking 11 days ago and was talking about "rewarding" himself. Damn!!

I better start shopping for leather bras!

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(Although that seems a bit redundant in a blog...)

I apologize to anyone whose PC was infected w/spyware and/or experienced pop-ups due to my site. It has been blamed on Tripod, though I have never had a problem with Tripod before, and the other two sites I maintain on their server are not having issues at this time, beit pop-ups or spyware. My suspicion is that there are two seperate and unrelated things going on - one is evidently spyware, one is pop-ups. I believe the pop-ups came from the tagboard so I removed it, and I am not sure about the spyware, as I have run AdAware on my PC at home and at work and it did not find anything from Tripod. So anyway, just wanted to apologize officially and ask that if anyone else is having this problem, either as a visitor to my site or as a member of Tripod, please let me know.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

Hmmm. I believe tag-board.com (unlinked on purpose - they don't deserve it right now!) has somehow inserted a rotating pop-up code in my tag board, but I, being truly just lucky and quite challenged when it comes to this stuff, have no clue what to do about it. I mean, I know there are "banner kill" codes for use where you can actually insert them, but I suspect these are embedded in the actual tag board iframe, over which I have no control. Hmmm. This sucks. Anyone got any ideas?

Hmmm. I guess that's all I really had to say today. :o)

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

*yawn* I don't know if I slept wrong or what, but my shoulder has been killing me for the last couple days. Not to be too graphic...ok, so that's crap...sometimes I want to be too graphic...it also might have been the way I was holding myself up against the wall the other nite...ahem...if you catch my drift. So let that be a lesson to you. No matter how much you believe you've taken the proper precautions, there is no such thing as "safe sex." Ha ha.

It is a totally beautiful day today. It's sunny, not humid, the perfect temperature, a light breeze is making my windchimes sing. *sigh* If I had my own fenced-in back yard, I'd be laying out there buck nekid with a mixed drink of some sort and Rock 101 blaring. It's that kind of beautiful day.

So...em...er...I don't really have anything else to say. Just felt like bloggin'. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. :o) May we all get through tomorrow without dragging ass.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

OK, well here's my latest production. Arcanegirl.com expires 7/6 and I have decided not to renew it. It's just not "current" for me anymore, you know? It was at the time, but has gotten old. So once the URL forwarding kicks in, my new domain is mostlygood.net. There are a lot of reasons for that choice, and you may interpret it however you see fit. For me, it is sums up my life and myself at this point in time, from my mental state, to my work, relationships, health, etc. For the first time in a long time, everything is mostly good...

Please change your links and/or settings, etc. accordingly. :o)

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

I'm at work, so shhhhhh! I meant to do this yesterday, but I was a bit tired and cranky and didn't feel like blogging by the time I got home...

For anyone who didn't know me then, I was hired as the Client Services Director at a brand spanking new animal hospital last summer. We opened on June 23, 2003. It was supposed to be dead for the first couple years, but as of yesterday, we had 1151 clients, and 1974 patients. Yesterday was our 1-year-anniversary. We are kicking ass and it feels good.

In honor of the anniversary, we unveiled our website, which I designed start to finish. It's only about 75% done, but doc was hot to get it up and running, so we took the plunge. Although it makes me a bit nervous to post my whereabouts on the internet in any way - and that info is accessible on the site - I thought y'all might want to check it out. :o) Let me know if anything isn't working. We all know I am not the greatest when it comes to this shit!! http://www.townvet.net.

Have a good day!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Well, Jay is on Day 4 without a cigarette. I am very proud of him. Don'wanna jinx him, so I will leave it at that. :o)

I don't have much to report. It all of a sudden feels very hot and humid here, though I don't think the temp has changed much all day. Ugh. I hate the feeling of being hot and sticky.

So, just to throw this out to y'all... I am debating not renewing my current domain name and moving on to something else. I bought arcanegirl.com through namesecure.com and as I recall, it was like $15 for the year, which in the scheme of things is nothing. I probably drop $15 worth of change in my couch over the course of a year. So tell me what y'all think.

We (my coworkers and I) bought the bosses a flowering pear tree for our 1-year-anniversary. It's really cute. The story is that there is this spot in the parking lot where people just do not look before they back up or something, and they have run over and killed like 4 bushes. So rather than just let it go without any embellishment whatsoever, we are putting in a tree and a cinderblock type fence. At first Dave was like, "But what if someone screws up their car?" and I was like, "That's the point! If they're not looking where they're going, they should screw up their car!" I mean, imagine the trouble Boston (perpetually in the midst of "The Big Dig" - endless road construction) would be in if in order to protect the cars of idiots, they didn't have any Jersey barriers up. I mean, hello...?! Are we supposed to put up a wall of pillows around the tree? So anyway, that'll look nice. And if someone crashes into the tree, it's their own damn fault.

Um...I don't know what to do with myself tonite. Guess I will go think of something. C-ya.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy Sunday. Well, for some of us, I'm sure... Jay is trying to quit smoking and he's made it through the first 24 hours, but I can tell he's about to lose it. I wish there was something I could do other than keep him occupied and fed. I keep thinking about the scene in Trainspotting when Renton locks himself...no, I think he actually nails boards across the door...in a room with a few extra large cans of soup, 2 buckets - one for vomit and one for excrement and urine - and a few other sundry items, with the intention quitting heroin. I swear, cigarette addictions seems almost that bad. I am a freak when it comes to this stuff, so when I quit, I just did it. Just stopped. Went from smoking a pack a day to nothing and it wasn't that hard. I don't seem to develop much of a physical addiction to nocotine, it was more a mental addiction to the actual act of doing it. Anyway, I wish I could trade places with Jay and let him off easy, unfortunately that is not the nature of the beast.

K, so my back hurts from sitting in this chair (must've been all the sex last nite - tee hee hee), so I'm gonna go get groceries and start my Sunday monotony. Have a good one, all!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

OK, I missed it last week because I am a slacker. So here's my Wednesday Matinee for this week!

1. What's your favorite Tom Hanks movie? OK, I am going to go out on a limb here and say, in all honesty, despite Hanks' Oscar winning dramatic performances, my favorite has to be Batchelor Party. What can I tell you? I'm a perve and a child of the 80s.
2. Which actor has the most range of emotions? Umm...hmmm...the one who comes to mind first is Gary Oldman. He's pretty friggin diverse. Anyone who can brilliantly play Sid Vicious and Dracula and a Russian terrorist has my vote. He just blows me away.
3. If you were involved in making movies, what job would you like to do? Acting, baby! I have a bit of a flare for the dramatic.

I'm a bit tired and cranky, so I won't subject you to that. :o) Happy Hump Day.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

OK, I am done being pissy for today. Now I am going to go ride my exercise bike and watch Peter Pan, because I am also a kid who refuses to grow up.

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I fucking hate the property management company! My siblings knocked the bedroom screen out some time during their residence here and I have no idea what became of it. I can't take the heat and humidity and stagnant air anymore, so I went to Home Depot today to get another one. They said I'd have to contact a window/glass specialist. I emailed the property manager person to ask for the official dimensions of the window ('cause evidently my measurements are not good enough) or whatever info I would need to get a new screen. Well, this totally unhelpful bitch property manager has cut me off at every attempt to get a friggin screen. (For example, she already called the outside contractor who replaced some tenants' windows a couple of years ago to advise him not to help me, as this is a management company issue or some shit. So when I told her thanks and I'd get in tough with them, she emailed back saying, "He will not provide you with one. I called him first." WHAT THE FUCK IS HER PROBLEM???? She says the only thing I can do is schedule a time for one of their maintenance people to come in and measure for it. Well here's the thing: I have pets. I have more pets than I am supposed to. And I don't want to have to hide them or move them for the day or whatever, just for these uptight assholes. (Besides, my step-dad owns this condo, and I rent it from him, so what I keep inside it is really no one's concern!) Furthermore, they are a bunch of creepy slimeballs and I don't have the time or desire to waste my day waiting for their maintenance man to arrive. They always say "X p.m." and show up hours later. I should be allowed to purchase a screen from someone other than them! They can't force me to use their services, but that is what they're trying to do. Arrrrrrgh! Every time I have even the slightest problem, these people waste so much of my time and are totally useless!!! .......................So I am frustrated, can you tell???

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Well, as mentioned below, I had this long, funny post that got lost when Blogger had a cramp. Oh well. I'll try to recreate it as best I can.

I couldn't remember if I had ever shown you guys one of my favorite t-shirts. For anyone whose sexuality has been living under a rock, it's from the Jenna Jameson collection on AdamEve.com. What can I tell you? I like porn. I like stirring up prudes. I like boyfriends wishing their girlfriends were into Jenna. *big smile* Anyway, that's what I look like @ 7:30 on a Saturday morning. Stunning, eh? Lol. Anyway...

For anyone who's interested, the self-tanner test was kind of a flop because I was so afraid of overdoing it that I actually underdid it and there was only the slightest difference. However, the color was nice, not that jaundice-looking yellow or Oompa Loompa orange. For being a lazy ass who doesn't adopt many regular beauty routines, I have become somwhat of a pro at making self-tanner look realistic, though I hardly ever use it. (Like I said, lazy.) My hottest tip aside from exfoliating like a mofo before application, is to rub a little bit of silicone-based hair serum into your knees, elbows, ankles and hands. It keeps those spots from absorbing too much self-tanner and looking weird. :o) So there's your beauty lesson for the day. Don't you feel enlightened?

Um...what else... Well, I talked to my sister the other night on the phone and it was awesome. She's coming up to visit for the 4th of July and I am really looking forward to just kicking back and doing the stupid shit we did as teenagers - like giving each other facials and going out specifically to drive through puddles with our arms out the windows. She sounds more like herself than she has in the last 6 months and that is quite a relief. I missed her. I know we are not "out of the woods" and that this will be a life-long struggle, but it's good to have her back and happy, if only for a while.

I guess I don't really have much to say. It's too bad that other post got lost - it was way better than this babble!! You love me anyway, right??

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Blogger sucks my ass. Just had an awesome post that it deleted. Will try again later.

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Monday, June 07, 2004

Wish me luck...about to try a new self-tanner. Five star rating on drugstore.com... I'll let you know how it goes. :o)

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Well, I have today off and it's totally beautiful out. I just returned from taking Indie to what used to be a UNH building but is now deserted and for sale. She had a great time sniffing and pissing everywhere, followed by...it's hard to explain...you know the motion of wiping your feet on a doormat? Well, some dogs do that w/all 4 legs, except they throw up dirt and grass when they do it. It's a common behavior of dominant dogs, to leave their mark. And she left her mark(s) everywhere.

Eenie and I discovered a Lady's Slipper, which I thought was a bit odd, right on the edge of the woods on the side of the building. They're on the endangered list in NH I think and have been for a long time. I haven't seen one of those even in the deep woods in years, so I thought that was kinda special. I actually find these flowers (orchids) unnervingly scrotum-like (my mom always did say "nature repeats itself" and I can especially see the truth in that in this instance), so they're not one of my favorites. But a cool find, nonetheless.

I am trying to debate whether I should go sit on the balcony and get some sun, streak my hair or do laundry. Oddly, none of those options seems much worth the motivation I'll have to find to complete it... Oh, well.

I had a very long IM conversation w/my sister yesterday. I had not even realized how much I missed her, but this was the first time since the original incident (in New Zealand) that I actually felt like I was communicating with her and not some sedated/drugged/depressed/suicidal/psychotic version of her. My mom says she's taking her meds but only once a day instead of twice a day and she has never been better. While I am wary of her taking matters into her own hands, I know this disease (Bipolar disorder) is all about finding what works for you and if she can do that while being medically supervised, I say more power to her. It's good to see her cracking jokes and reminiscing about our whacked childhood... I feel like she's finally coming back from the darkness...

Hope everyone's having a lovely Monday!

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Just sitting here after a nap during which the phone rang and I bolted up not realizing what time or day it was, that I was late for something and it was truly urgent. (Nothing like waking up in a panic, eh?) Anyway...

Worked today and that went well. We're probably going to go see a movie tonite, though I am not sure which.

Full moon from the balcony

Have a good nite, everyone!

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Friday, June 04, 2004

I am injured. :o( Damned dog took off after a squirrel this morning and when she got to the end of the Flexi-Leash ('cause of course, me yelling "NO! Bad dog! Come back!" didn't stop her), my hand slammed into and then scraped along a fucking huge pine tree I was standing next to. 2 of my knuckes are bloody, blue and swollen and I have scrapes and scratches the length of my whole forearm. :o( Waaaaaaaahhhhh! Maybe if you're lucky I'll post some pics later. Ha ha!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

*yawn* I am procrastinating. Hardcore. Have the day off and don't feel like lifting a finger. I currently have Mexican rice and beans simmering on the stove for this concoction I have invented for dinner tonite. I am going to layer the rice, some chicken I cooked w/fajita seasoning, whole wheat tortillas and cheese in the crock pot and let it all melt toghether. Sounds good, no? I love this low-carb thing, for many reasons, only one of which is that it has sparked my culinary creativity.

I think we're supposed to get more T-storms tonite. Wowie wow. We get the occasional rough weather, but the last few weeks have got to be a record. To tell you the truth, I can't recall one good thunder storm from last summer, but we've already had like 5 or 6 this year and it's only the beginning of June. Well, yay for us storm junkies. I'm diggin' it.

Marc has started a new meme that I have to admit I am kinda psyched about. It's called Wednesday Matinee and it's a movie meme. (Coulda been made just for me! I love movies!) So here goes nothin'...

1. What movie always manages to make you laugh? The first one that comes to mind is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Something about Jason Mewes' crude and vulgar humor never fails to get me giggling, or downright sqwaking.

2. What upcoming movie do you most want to see this summer? Shrek 2, The Day After Tomorrow (strictly for the effects, I hear the plot is lame), and I think there was another one, but I can't think of it right now. OH! The 3rd Harry Potter. Yes indeedy.

3. Which actor would make your best husband / wife? I don't know. I have no clue what they're like in real life. If you want to talk about who I wouldn't kick out of bed, that's a whole other question...

~Triple Feature Combo Bonus~ What's your favorite movie snack? Swedish Fish!!

I have to go layer my Mexican Muck. I'll let you know how it turns out. :o)

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