Sunday, November 30, 2003

OK, so I have a freaky weird power outage story for you. I would love for someone to explain this to me, because as it stands currently, I believe my apartment is being manipulated by aliens.

Yesterday it was very windy. Around 2 in the afternoon, I decided to lug more crap up to the attic. When I went into the hallway, the power was out. Not even the emergency lights were on, and they have always been on any time we have had a power failure. My neighbor was feeling her way down the hall talking about how much it sucks to lose electricity and how she was going to her parents to dry her hair 'cause her power was out. Mine was still on. Thought that was a little weird, but didn't really think about it.

As it got dark, I realized the street lights were out as well. So was power in the other 3 buildings in the neighborhood (it's a condo "community".) My unit and the one under me were the only ones with power. Again, thought it was weird, but I was so happy I had power, I didn't stop to question a good thing.

Later in the evening, I was making dinner and threw some fries in the oven. The oven was working (heatwise) but the oven light didn't come on when I opened the door. I tried flipping the light switch on the door...nothing. Figured the bulb burned out.

We ate, watched a movie. About 9 PM we heard a huge BOOM! and saw a flash of light. Figured a transformer blew out and we were right. No biggie. Still business as usual in Erin's apartment.

Then 9:30 rolled around. All of a sudden we had complete power failure. Nothing working. We decided to go to bed. As we were lying there watching the lights of the cars going by fly across the wall, I suddenly noticed another light that wasn't moving. When I got up to inspect it, I realized that despite the fact that nothing - and I mean nothing in my apartment or anywhere nearby - was working, my friggin oven light was on! What the hell???? It is plugged in to the wall by one cord. ONE!! How could the light be on when no other part of it was on? And even more, how could ANYTHING be on when EVERYTHING was out???

I went to flip off the oven light switch and exactly at the same moment I did so, every light and appliance in the apartment came on for a split second and then went off again. I just about pissed my pajamas.

The power came back on 100% by about midnight I am guessing. Thought it was pretty wild though... Any ideas what the hell happened??? Please someone, explain it to me!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

It's Wednesday. I have the day off. Yahoo. Just bought an obscene amount of groceries. Usually I only get what I can carry upstairs (3 flights) in one trip, but today it took two. Eeeeeek!

Jay and I got that horrible pea green couch out of the living room last nite. The dump guys will be picking it up later. Friggin 50 bucks to get that thing out. Oh well. I guess it's worth it. I coulda set it on fire for free.

Stole this from Angela and Linda, 'cause I have nothing major to talk about today:
1. What time is it: 11:30 AM
2. Name as it appears on my birth certificate: Erin (you think you're gettin' the last name? Nosireebob!)
3. Number of candles on my last birthday cake: Um...shoulda been 25, but I don't remember if I actually had a cake. Lol. No matter. I got a massage and dinner. :o)
4. Birthday: 5/6/78 (Yes, really.)
5. Pets: Too many
6. Hair color: Dark brownish red
7. Piercing: 2 in each ear, 1 in right ear cartilidge, one in right eyebrow
8. Eye color: Brownish green
9. Favorite fashion: J. Crew, kinda classy casual earthy
10. Town of birth: Richmond, VA
11. Town I live in: Manchester, NH
12. Favorite Foods: Espinaca, pad thai, spaghetti, mashed potatos (only homemade!), a good steak sometimes
13. Ever been to Africa? Nope.
14. Been toilet papering: Hell yeah!
15. Loved someone so much you cried: Yuppers
16. Been in a car accident: Twice, neither time was my fault
17. Favorite day of the week: Any day I can do whatever I want
18. Favorite flower: Morning glories
19. Favorite sport to watch: Ha ha. Like I watch sports.
20. Favorite drink: Non-alcoholic: water, raspberry lemonade. Alcoholic: Corona, vodka or midori sour.
21. How many times did you fail your driver's test: 0
22. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: Ooooh, I'd almost say Target, but I can't deny that WalMart has a lot of random crap that Target just ain't got... I'd also max it out at the J. Crew outlet, BestBuy, PetCo.
23. What do you do most often when you are bored: Watch TV, dink around online, clean, play Dark Age of Camelot, make long distance phone calls.
24. Most annoying thing people ask me: "Can you bill me?" At work, after they are told how much it will cost, sign an estimate and sign a form saying they will pay.
25. Bedtime: 9-10:00 pm
26. Favorite TV shows: Don't watch much TV lately. I like Friends but always miss it. Love Will & Grace, My Wife & Kids, Everybody Loves Raymond. Most of the shit on ABC, which is all I watched before I got cable, so it's what I learned to like.
27. Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Unfortunately no. There are some things I wish I didn't remember!
28. Ever Been Missing: Nope
29. Been hurt emotionally: Um, yeah, of course.
30. Kept a secret from everyone: Yes
31. Had an imaginary friend when you were young: Lol. No, but my senior quote in the yearbook, which was from a Tom Robbins book (don't remember which one) was "As a child, I was an imaginary playmate."
32. Wanted to hook up with a friend: Oh jeez. What the hell? Yes of course! Are you trying to make me out to be a ho or something??
33. Had a crush on a teacher: No
34. Ever thought an animated character was HOT: Ha ha, yes. The Prince from the Smurfs. Not the yodeling blonde dude with the buck teeth, but the tall, dark handsome one.
35. What was the last movie you saw: The Matrix Revolutions
36. Wearing: Jeans, my old Pink Floyd The Wall t-shirt
37. Hair Is: Down, a little dirty (need to take a shower)
38. Drinking: Nothin'
39. Thinking about: Not much other than these questions. How sad is that?

THE LAST 24 HOURS--------

1. Cried: No
2. Worn a Skirt: Ha ha, no. Not even in the last 24 weeks!
3. Met Someone New: I meet new people every day at work.
4. Done laundry: No
5. Drove a Car: Drove out for groceries.


1. Yourself: Yup
2. Your friends: The few I have have proven I can believe in them.
3. Santa Claus: Um...I am just going to say that I still peek at the sky on Christmas Eve, 'cause it makes me feel like a kid, and I believe in the spirit of Santa, which is what made us hysterical children.
4. Tooth Fairy: Not since I found a nasty envelope full of little yellow teeth in my mom's home office when I was about 9.
5. Destiny/Fate: Nah. I believe everything that happens is directly due to something else that happened (in some cases, that I made happen) and that life is really just a series of events. Cause and effect. I don't like the idea that I am helpless to effect change, that there is some predetermined outcome, no matter what I do.
6. Angels: Spirits, yes. Winged people in the clouds, no.
7. Ghosts: Spirits, yes. Half-decayed see-through people in the closet, no.
8. UFO's: Hell yeah. How cocky would we be to honestly believe we were the only ones who have figured out space travel? I think there are probably a lot of other beings who look down on Earth and think, "Awh hell. Look at what they're doing now! We are not going down there!"


40. Who have you known the longest of your friends: Anna
41. Who's the loudest of your friends: Me (ha ha ha)
42. Who do you go to for advice: Usually Sarah
43. Who do you cry to: Sarah or my mom usually
44. Worst feeling: Being on the verge of vomiting (especially from drinking and getting the spins).
45. What time did you go to bed last night: 9:30 PM
46. Paper or plastic: Paper until I moved here and had to drag it all up 3 flights of stairs!
47. What was the last book you read: Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind
48. A TV show you can't stand to watch: The Batchelor. I can't stand the pathetic, whiney, back-stabbing bitches all saying they're in love and ready to have kids after being with someone for a grand total of 4 hours. So sad!
49. What did you eat for lunch today: Nothing yet.
50. Do you like to be surprised: Surprises are OK. Don't like unextected visitors. I am really not into surprises I guess. I like to know what's coming.
51. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: Fall
52. Favorite Dessert: Pumpkin pie or cheesecake. Pumpkin cheesecake!! (That was Linda's answer, and it would be mine too! But either one is fine on its own, too.)
53. Which one do you prefer: Maid or Chef: MAID!!!! I am a slob.
54. Favorite candy: Twizlers.
55. What characteristics do you admire: Creativity, individuality, dedication, honesty, bravery
56. Favorite time of day: Depends on the day. Workdays, when I get home. Weekends, when I decide not to get out of bed yet in the morning, just snuggle in and drift in and out of sleep.
57. Favorite fruit: Bananas or strawberries.
58. How many rings are you wearing? None
59.What was the last card you gave someone: Sent my mom some obscene Thanksgiving card. Don't remember the punchline, but it was funny.
60. Do you play board games or card games: Card games usually.
61. Nails polished or unpolished: Polish finally chipped all the way off, so unpolished. Lol.
62. What time is it now: 11:55 AM

Have a good Turkey Day everyone!

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

*yawn* Boy am I sleepy! I was a very busy girl today, up by 8 a.m. and at WalMart by 8:30. Then to Barnes & Noble, then to Concord (city 25 mins away) to Goodwill to drop off clothes, and to Borders 'cause Barnes & Noble didn't have a book I was looking for. I spent well over $200 today, but I feel good having started on my holiday shopping. I absolutely refuse to go into a mall or WalMart during the month of December. I can't take all the people. So from here on out, it's internet or gas station items only. Lol.

Yesterday Jay and I went to see The Matrix Revolutions, with which I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I could get into a long rant about what I didn't like, but that would be boring, so suffice it to say I just wasn't terribly impressed. Anyway, we went out for Shorty's afterwards, so the night ended well. I don't think I could ever get sick of espinaca. :o)

Funny pic below. The cat bed isn't big enough for two to lie in, so one lies in and the other lies on. Whimsy has no respect, I swear. Lol.

Have a good Monday everyone!

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Friday, November 21, 2003

Just had to add a P.S. that I forgot about...

What the fuck is wrong with 95% of the human population? I was in WalMart looking at Christmas cards and this lady - probably like 50 years old, so I can't assume she was senile - was talking to herself (I thought) about this and that and I ignored her. Well, she then got huffy and said, "Are you even listening to me? Are you going to fix this or not?" I had no earthly clue what she was talking about until it dawned on me that for some reason she thought I worked there. I looked at her with my best "you-are-a-fucking-moron" face and said, "I don't work here." Then she said, "Oh, well, I thought you did, wearing your little hat and everything!" and I walked away. My little hat?? Um, I was wearing an olive green basebal cap that says "Coca Loco" or something on it. Fucking moron!

Reminds me of when I worked at an animal hospital where we had to wear maroon or teal polo shirts - with a large "Crossroads Animal Hospital" logo on them and when I would stop by the store on the way home, I can't even tell you how many people would walk up to me in WalMart (they wear blue shirts, not maroon or teal!) or Osco (red shirts) and ask me where shit was. And the killer? The icing on the cake? The "Here is your dumbass award. Congrats!" When I said, "I don't work here," they gave me a dirty look, like I was the idiot!!! Lol. Fucking priceless!!! I do not understand people.

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Couldn't tell ya why, but Blogger is totally nuts today and doesn't seem to be pubishing whether I access it through AOL or IE. Just keeps refreshing and saying it's publishing but never quite does it. Although the post does show up in the post window (as if it was uploaded) it's not really there. Weird. Anyway...

And now for the Friday Five:

1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.
Well, first of all, we are quite close to the end of the year, so I am not taking on any seriously huge, life-altering projects, just little things I have been putting off. Here they are, in random order:
a. Get on a routine as far as exercise goes. Not just a little here, a little there, but to commit myself to an actual schedule. New year's resolution maybe?
b. Paint my bathroom.
c. Get rid of the god-awful olive green 1950 sleeper sofa my brother left here when he moved out that was too heavy for me to move so I had to keep it.
d. Start a savings account (just did it this morning!)
e. Get good at playing my theurgist, Whimsel, on Dark Age of Camelot...solo. (I am great in a group with people to protect me, but I suck on my own!)
2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again. I am not really someone who dwells on the past, so this is hard to answer. There aren't many people with whom I have lost touch for no reason. Usually it was for the best... There are however people who I don't talk to nearly as often as I should and would like to, so I'll go with those.
a. Laura - a close friend from high school. Moved out to L.A. and I talk to her maybe once a year when she isn't busy rubbing elbows with the rich and wannabe rich. Just kidding! She's the farthest thing from snooty and overprivledged that you could ever imagine!
b. Cynthia - another great friend from high school who I believe is living in Arizona. I hear from her once or twice a year, too.
c. Anna - best friend from high school. Moved to New York after college (which was in Vermont) and I haven't seen her or talked to her more than a few times a year since.
d. Kelly - friend I made the year after high school when we were both oversupplementing ourselves while choking on the hype and fad diets circulating in our health food store workplace. Kelly lives in the same state as me, maybe 40 minutes away, and I am shameful about keeping in touch.
2. Kim - my AP English/Journalism/New Yorker (it was a class) teacher in high school. She is a hot ticket, awesome lady and I wish I talked to her more often.
3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.
a. Play guitar
b. Find a happy medium between obsessively cleaning my apartment and having it be a discusting pit. How does one maintain?
c. Make stained glass
d. Make pot roast
e. Be the "alpha dog." This I am working on currently. For anyone who doesn't know, because dogs are pack animals, they will try to establish themselves as "alpha" or head dog if you let them. The only way around it is to establish yourself as alpha. I have not exerted myself very well as the leader, so Indie won't always listen to me, likes to see what she can get away with, etc. It's a fine line between being a leader that is also a friend and being an equal to your dog, or even a subordinate. So I want to get better at being top dog. Lol.
4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).
a. Buy a house
b. Pay off car, maybe get new car
c. Take vacation
d. Invest
e. Blow some dough
5. List five things you do that help you relax.
a. Zoning out to the TV
b. Hot shower
c. Music
d. Cuddling
e. Playing with Indie

Well, I got a bunch of cleaning crap at WalMart, so I am gonna take everything out of my kitchen and mop the floor. Yahoo. Let's see if this biatch will post. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I don't have anything exciting to share about my life right now, so I thought I would share something from my life senior year. We had "Senior Write-Ups" in the yearbook; basically just a place to talk in secret code about all the drugs and sex you experienced without anyone knowing, and I seriously always looked back on others (example: EAC&BG-GoodTimeAtMCDs!) and had no fucking clue what it all meant or for whom and why it was supposedly so meaningful... So I put a picture of myself, my sister and brother sitting in the back of a pickup truck as kids, and another of me naked on a tricycle with a basket on my head and wrote a list of "Things to Be Happy About," all of which meant something to me or related to an experience I had in high school, but which were good things to be happy about even if they weren't relevant. I figure it will still have meaning even when I'm 80. It's funny, sometimes I think I have changed so much since then, but reading this again, I have gotten older, but not much different!! (P.S. There were a bunch of initials of people in here but they would have meant nothing to you and messed up the flow, so I omitted them.)

Things to Be Happy About

pajamas at breakfast - beach sunrises - study-hall escapades - driving under an overpass during a rainstorm - the Omni Theater - a good nite's sleep - refunds - cottage cheese - "skit nite" at camp - apartments - anesthesia - making friends with the police - brilliance - noise - smooth, muscular backs - the panic button - saying yes - log cabins - Copenhagen - warm rain and thunder - washing cars barefoot - motels - Jeeps - getting carried away - falling in love - tiger cats - strawberries - experience - princesses - imagination - whispering - boys - swingsets - guys' jeans - Sony Play Stations - Oodles of Noodles - crowds - gas station cappuccino - philosophy - spare car keys - AAA - The Wizard of Oz - full gas tanks - puddles - cities - broccoli calzone - Ben & Jerry's Rainforest Crunch - suntan oil - stars - zippers - middle school - back roads - loopholes - trails of dust - rope swings - road trips - Denny's - photo booths - Drum - income - mad love - Tom Robbins - vampires - erotica - Power Rangers - laughter - Tank Girl - Elvis - temptation - indulgence - Harold & Maude - roses - eerie feelings - intuition - mythical monsters - clerks - mallrats - siblings - car chases - pig piles - satisfaction - Annie's All Natural - mud flaps - subways - fireworks - lightning bugs - infatuation - dandelions - steamy nites - parole - basset hounds - lilacs - hair dos - heros - skid marks (the tire kind) - pairs - backrubs - schemes - intermitent wipers w/attitude - Dunkin' Donuts - Store 24 - forgiving - Natural Born Killers - Bump In The Night - Wallace & Gromit - mango madness - Ross & Rachel - deciding - Sid & Nancy - kicking back - moving on - chaos & enthrapy - old friends - new beginnings - making memories - fond farewells...

Will upload pic later... PC being shitty. Have a good nite!!

/edit/ Here's the infamous tricycle pic. Now you have all seen me naked! Yahoo!! /edit/

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

*groan* Well, I don't think I ever told you all this, but it is officially for sure that Jay is moving in here when his lease is up. Having 2 1/2 months to get used to the idea is helping me a lot. I seriously woulda panicked if it was like, "OK, I'm gonna move in with you next week." So, anyway...

Part of getting ready for him is making room, which is also a big inspiration to totally gut this place. I am admittedly a packrat. I am trying to reform, but it isn't easy... I have years and years of things I have saved for various reasons, thinking I might need them some day, or the person they came from might die and I would regret throwing them out (example: my friend Brooke in high school; I threw out all the notes and stuff we had passed in class and she died in a car accident my senior year. I always wished I still had them...) Don't get me wrong, I am not like crazy collector, with candy wrappers and hairballs. Just things like old school IDs, the manual/owner info on every appliance I ever bought, old pay stubs, etc. So today I threw out 4 trashbags of stuff and have a huge pile of other un-bag-ables that I am going to have to get Jay to help me with. (Wicked old Smith Corona word processor, old stereo speakers, etc.) I yanked a few muscles in my back lugging shit out of the closets so I could go through it. Ugh. It's worth it though. To make it as nice a start as possible, and also for me to let go of things I really have no good reason to keep...

So, please don't scream too loud, but this is just the contents of one of my closets after I pulled it all out so I could assess... (Click on image to enlarge - if you dare! *evil laughter*)

I am going to go make myself some dinner and maybe keep plugging. I am getting a bit tired. :o/ Jay is having a boy's nite in with the XBOX and beer, so I am flying solo tonite. No biggie I thought. Good to do something different. But I miss him nonetheless. Lol. I am such a sap.

Have a good nite all! :o)

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Friday, November 14, 2003

Holy shit, am I bored! Today is sooooo dead (here, in my workplace, where I should be doing everything but blogging, but since it is dead, I have done everything already and this is what's left...) and even though I am in the middle of another layout (and am kinda thinking I don't like it anyway) and no one can read this anyway, 'cause it's not accessible currently, this is all I could think of to keep myself from spiraling down down down into the vicious void that is boredom. Summary: What do I do to cure my boredom? I write painfully run-on sentences and bite my nails. Ya-fuckin'-hoo.

My significant other (who, let me warn you in advance, I refer to in demeaning terms jokingly!) is a dumbass and has no winter coat and has been a very cold, skinny dude lately. So what did I do, being the wonderful girlfriend that I am? Well, I got on the horn with Santa, of course, and talked him into sending out an early Christmas present. Well, actually, I ordered it online, but the concept was presented to Jay (via email from Santa himself) as a gift from the North Pole for which I was merely the transport. I got him a sweet Carhartt that he is going to look scrumptious in. And be warm. Let's not forget the most important part! Lol. For those of you who might not know, Carhartt is a line of ultra-heavyduty work clothing that all the hicks and grease monkies in my hometown wore. Some people would look at them and see unrefined rednecks, but I saw diamonds in the rough! (And I liked it rough!) So it is really quite delicious to see him (Jay) in these same duds. Mmmmm hmmm. Got him a few pairs of pants a month or so back and he responded well, so the jacket will be the icing. :o)

I guess I should go. *sigh* And I can't even come back here to surf for tags or comments, because this is being FTPd to a page that no one can see. *wimper* Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Hey! It's Friday! A.D.D. girl just realized she can waste some more time by doing the Friday Five! Yay!!
1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space. Cramped.
2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer. Brilliant, cocky.
3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pasttime.Hot, sweaty. Ha ha. You think I'm talking about working out, right? WRONG!! Lol.
4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day. Long, entertaining, educational, fulfilling.
5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life. Healthy, content, secure, stimulating, productive.

Have a good weekend everyone! (Or I hope by the time this will probably be visible, that you had a good weekend!)

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Monday, November 10, 2003

I have been informed via tagboard that it is time for me to blog. Lol. Same shit, different day, huh? Seems I am just a chronic slacker these days...

So what have I been up to...what life-altering ideas have I had...what hell have I been raising? Nothing, none, nada. My blog is flipping a nutty right now...or no, I seem to have stopped it. Wow. It was in "publishing" mode (where it FTPs the post to my server) and wouldn't stop, the whole while my "stop" button on the IE bar was flicking on and off. Wowie. I swear their are evil little fairies in this computer.

*Sigh* That god-awful ear issue from the summer seems to be returning. Somehow I get so congested in my sinuses that it fills up and closes off that little tube that regulates your ear pressure (the one that pops when you are in a plane) so it sounds and feels like the airplane ear, but before the pop relieves the pressure. But there is no pop. I can't relieve the pressure. Argh. Fucking sucks.

This weekend I worked (good Saturday, I must say), made burgers on the George (have to say I love the thing!) and watched a shitload of movies. Dragonfly, Reign of Fire, and A Knight's Tale. Oh, and Finding Nemo (for like the 5th time!) All good. Jay's mom kept telling us Dragonfly was totally amazing, and I like it, but it wasn't that good. Finding Nemo just fucking rocks. Reign of Fire and A Knight's Tale were both pretty good.

Anyway, I have some other shit to do online, so I will take my leave. Sorry for dropping the F-bomb (aka "FUCK") so much in this post. I guess I was just in the mood for it. :oP What a whackjob am! Oh, P.S., working on getting up a more seasonally appropriate layout. I know Halloween is over, before anyone feels the need to tell me! *wink*

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Bleh. I am in a foul mood today due to the incompotence and inconsiderate nature of people. If this topic (below) is too personal for you, I was about to apologize, but being that I am in a pissy mood and speaking my mind, I rethought that and have to say if you don't like it, don't read it. This is my blog.

Anyway, I have to pick up birth control, and I need it for Monday. The Planned Parenthood in this area is run by a bunch of seemingly very nice girls, but they really have pissed me off over the last couple days. First (in June) there was a 24-hours-notice-for-refills rule, which was fine. Then it all of a sudden was switched to 36 hours. OK, I can deal with that. Then I called yesterday AM, figuring I would pick up tonite (the only day their weird open hours and my not-working coincide), and they have not only changed it to 48-hours-notice, but they close early today. So I left a message just saying who I was and what I needed and asking what I should do. They didn't call me back all day (thought I left both home and work numbers), so I called again last nite and left another message. Still no call. How hard is it to fucking pick up a phone and say, "Sorry, we can't do it on such short notice (even though it is clearly not my fault that I didn't give more notice!), so we will phone the script in to a pharmacy." That is all I wanted, just to know what they want to do. Oh, and last time I needed a refill, I called 2 days ahead and when I went in to pick it up, they were like, "Oh, we're out of Nuvarings." (Again, a fucking phone call would have been nice!) So they gave me a written script which I had filled at Rite Aid, who incidentally charges $13 more a piece! I still have 2 refills left on that script, so I called one in. The whole thing just pisses me off. For being so dedicated to helping people have healthy sex lives and avoid unwanted pregnancies, they sure don't seem to give a shit. I wanted to call today and rant about the horrible customer service, but until I have insurance, I need them. Ugh. I need to go back to bed.

I got a new printer today because my mom needed business cards done and my shitty printer had taken its last breath. So I went off to Best Buy with my in-store credit card and got an HP Deskjet. Yippee! Got it home, set it up and...DOH! The dumbass "expert" kid at the store didn't tell me I needed a USB cable, which was not included. So I went back. While I was there I got a George Foreman grill. :o) So Jay and I are going to have lean, mean, fat-reduced grilled burgers tonite. One of his favorite things is a burger, fries and a Sam Adams, so I picked some up with the $22 I had left in my bank account. Thank goodness Friday is payday! Speaking of, if anyone is feeling philanthropic, I am finally going to cave in and add a donations button. Make no mistake! There are people far less fortunate than I am, but we all have our own private hells. Right now mine is that I am po' and cranky!

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