Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween! Just wanted to stop on and let y'all know that due to the incompotence of Capital One ("You will receive your new credit card no less than 2 weeks prior to expiration"), I have not yet received it (old one expires today) and Tripod Lycos has been hounding me to get them the new number to insure ininterrupted service... So this site may very well be down for a l'il while. AOL as well. Ugh. I could give them my debit card number, but that account has real money in it. The credit card is almost maxed out, so it's pretty useless to anyone who might try to steal it. Anyway...

So this (above) is what I did this morning after grocery shopping and picking up Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2. I was gonna rent them, but I was up early and went for groceries at 7:30 and the movie place didn't open until 11 and I didn't feel like going back out later, so I just bought them. What a lazy ass I am! Jay said they're wicked funny anyway. And although I seldom watch a DVD twice, I somehow consider them a good investment. I'unno.

And just so you know, I am sick of the classic "Jack-o-Lantern," so this pumpkin is a "Juan-O-Lantern." Just for variation.

Hope everyone has a spooky day! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I am home sick. Yich. Ugh. Eeew. I hate post nasal drip.

These are the lovely flowers Jay sent me at work. Still beautiful a week later. :o)

I just downloaded a gigundous patch to DAoC and am going to try to go out and solo to my next level. It's awesome playing with Jay, but in so doing, I have no clue how to defend myself alone which makes me kinda useless. So wish me luck. I am very close to being 2 levels ahead of the character he created to play with me. (He coulda outleveled me in a day, but is letting me believe I am doing well. lol.)

Hope everyone is having a good day. Send me some healthy thoughts. Ugh.

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Friday, October 24, 2003

So… Life has taken a crazy turn over the last 48 hours. On Wednesday nite, it dawned on my honey that his lease is up in January. (How he could forget that until 2 months prior is beyond me!) We had been talking about moving in together eventually – when we found something “right,” but weren’t in a rush. Didn’t wanna push it.

Now my only roomie experience (aside from family) was with the infamous Ammon and Jay (different Jay) and it was beyond a nightmare. Here’s a few keywords to give you a feel for the experience: alcohol, fire, concussion, suicide attempt (not me!), paramedics, drugs, court, police, lawsuits… It was fucking awful. So you can maybe see why I am in a way desperately attached to my single living status. It’s not that I don’t want to live with Jay, it’s just that I am afraid and want to make sure it is as ideal as possible when and if it happens, so we can minimize the chance that the environment or circumstances will cause unneeded stress between us. You know what I mean? The best analogy I could come up with is taking two nice dogs and having them live in a big house together. Then taking those same two and making them live in an eensy beensy room together. They go nuts and kill each other… Which brings me to the worry…

He mentioned moving in with me, in the condo, so we can save some money for something way better. I don’t feel like it’s enough room for just me half the time, so thinking about adding Jay and Dimitri is intimidating. I am afraid that living together is a big test of our strength as a couple anyway, and I want to take that step in the best possible way. I don’t think this is it. All I can think is that we will hate being so cramped and get sick of each other and eventually fall apart, whereas if we moved into a bigger place, a fresh start sorta, it would be OK. Then I remind myself that at one point my sister, her boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend were all living in the condo. Four people in a one bedroom place. Ugh. And I am all worried about two.

*sigh* So anyway, I guess it’s just weighing heavily on my mind. My mom also has some lame prejudice against him (I think it’s just because I have always been very single and very close to her and now that I am sort of doing my own thing, she resents him in the capacity of a wedge between her and me) and I am afraid she’ll come up with some lame-ass excuse why he can’t move in. I will remind her that she disliked my brother’s skanky girlfriend but she was allowed to live there and they weren’t even charged rent between the four of them. Not only will we pay rent, but I talked to Jay about doing some of the work that needs to be done prior to the place eventually being put on the market. Painting, new cabinets and counters, etc. We could do all that so George (stepdad and owner of the condo) wouldn’t have to try to orchestrate via telephone from Maryland when that time comes. I personally think that’s a pretty sweet pot for them.

Anyway… Just craziness. I miss Jay a lot. Haven’t seen him since Sunday, ‘cause he’s been wicked sick and refused to let me come over for fear of contaminating me. Sweet but kinda silly if you ask me. I asked him when and if we live together, if he plans on moving to a hotel every time he gets a cold. He laughed and felt sheepish. I am so funny. Lol. Just kidding.

Guess I should go. T.G.I.F.!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Here's what's going on lately:

1. Jay (despite the fact that he is sick and miserable) sent me flowers at work today. This is meaningful just because it is what it is, but extra special because he has admitted that the romantic flower and candy crap has never been his thing and that he is more or less handicapped in that department. So that makes it even better. :o) I left them at work because - surprise! - that's where I am most of the time. Besides, here they'd just get grazed on by cats. Little shits. Lol.

2. Um... My AOL desktop is set to show a graphic of whatever weather is going on in my area presently. It's showing rain right now, but will be snow by morning. Holy hell. It's too early for that shit! But oh yeah, this is New Hampshire.

3. Jay has been wanting a friend for Dimitri on the nites he stays here 'cause he is worried that the Monk (that's what we call him) is lonely... So I know a lady who does rescue work and just look at this baby! All that fluff and double paws. Couldn't you just melt? (yep. Gonna be a cat lady.)

4. Have a half day tomorrow. Yippee.

5. I ordered a phone that makes fart noises instead of rings. For my brother. For Christmas. Seriously!

6. I have been sleeping a little better. *knocks on wood*

7. Have a happy Thursday, everyone.

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

*yawns* It occured to me to tell you that yes, indeed, I do realize I have abandoned the "thought of the day." The reason is that I hate being obligated to do anything (even to myself) and secondly, I have been blogging a lot on the run or from work, where I don't have my quote book handy or my websites bookmarked. So deal with it. Bleh.

I have for some reason not been sleeping lately or just getting very choppy, restless sleep so I find myself ridiculously tired. All I want to do is sleep. And I never seem to get caught up. Last nite I slept pretty well without having to practically anesthetize myself with Benadryl (same ingredient as Sominex, Nytol, etc., but about 1/50th the price!). The bitch about that crutch though is that although 100mgs will physically sedate you (walk a little wobbly, feel like you've all of a sudden gained 100 lbs.) mentally it doesn't do jack and that's where my problem is. Lately I can't turn off my brain. The stupid thing is that life is really good these days (all things considered) and I see no logical reason or stressor for this insomnia. I have been through way worse times with way better sleep. *yawn* I just don't get it.

So this weekend I worked (busy and it's good I was there; I was needed. That makes it not so terrible to work on a Saturday). Jay and I went to dinner at Shorty's last nite and rented a couple of movies (the usual.) Today we played DAoC for awhile and then I started laundry and dishes (also the usual) and fell asleep watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If only I could conk out like that at nite!! *yawn*

Next week I have the half-day week (schedule is on a 3-week rotation) so I plan on intermittently watching soaps and napping on Tuesday and Thursday. I saw on 20/20 or something this one time (at band camp...? Lol. We rented American Pie 2 this weekend. I had seen it before. Didn't laugh any less the second time around!) that over time you wrack up a "sleep deficit" and the toll it takes on you mentally and physically stays with you until you make it up, which is almost impossible. A couple weeks of bad sleep could take you years to repay. So basically this means I am fucked. Anyway...

Hope everyone has a good Monday. I'll be dreamin' of ya (I hope!)

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Today was actually a good day...aside from the fact that I got a horrible nite's sleep. (Same old waking up like every 20 minutes - it sucks.) But despite my fatigue, it was a good day. Then tonite, right as we were about to close, this hysterical man came charging into the hospital screaming that his dog had been hit by a car... There was a lot of blood, screaming and crying, and the dog didn't make it. Now the place I was in following that was one of both sadness and anger. They let the dog - just a year old - run around loose on a busy road. So I can't help but blame them... But the sadness of having your dog die basically by your hand and your own stupidity must be horrific... He couldn't be saved. Insides were all done, not fixable. And Dave is a fucking amazing vet. Anyway, so that is how my good day ended.

I then came home, ate leftover steak and puh-tay-tuhs and am now going to screw around in DAoC for a while. Hope everyone has a happy Friday. I'm working Saturday. Ich.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Had already uploaded all the graphics, so I finished the CSS and linking during the 3 hours that we had nothing going on this afternoon! Hope everyone gets a little Halloween cheer out of it. :o)

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Guess I owe y’all some kinda update… But really, I just don’t have the urge to blog lately. I mean no offense to anyone who blogs, I only mean this about myself, but my frequency of blogging is directly linked to how much of a life I have. Frequent blogging = not much going on or bored with whatever is going on. Less frequent = busy doing nothing in particular but nonetheless occupied. I blog when I feel like I don’t have a life. (And like I said, I am not saying bloggers don’t have lives, just that it’s how it works with me!) :o) So I guess it’s a mixed blessing.

So I am at work. I have been a total spaceshot lately and didn’t set my alarm last nite Thought I do it the same way, every nite, and have for the last 5 years… Feed the fish, set the alarm. Last nite I fed the fish but didn’t set the alarm. My OCD is failing me. Lol. Just kidding. Anyway, I didn’t set the alarm, so I was 45 minutes late to work and horrified (I am never ever ever late), but truth be told, it will make the day seem shorter. So I get through today, have tomorrow off. Going to check out a house tomorrow. Pretty nervous about it. Realtors seem like used car salesmen to me. Aggressive and self-serving. I will try to stay on my toes.

Been kicking ass at Dark Age of Camelot. I really like it, though dorky it may seem… It’s more interactive and mentally stimulating entertainment than sitting in front of the TV like a zombie…

Hmmm… What else… Nothin’ I guess. I would like to send a lot of lovin’ to Jana especially, who is bravely treading in the depths of despair. Be strong, sweetie. :o) Also a hug and smooch for Becca and the girls at and iunfold. And a hug for Marc. (Don’t wanna embarrass him with unsolicited kisses! *wink*)

Hope everyone is having a good day. :o)

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Jana’s been sqwakin’ about my lack of blogs, so here ya go: bloggedy blog blog blog. Bloggedee bloggedo bloggeda. Blip blop blogadoodah.

I don’t have much to say, which is the very logical reason I haven’t been saying anything. Hmmm… So what have I been doing that is uninteresting enough not to be blogged about but also keeping me too busy to blog anyway? Really just more of the same. Work, play, sleep, eat (and the showering and various bathroom duties in between, as well as the unmentionables and not-worth-mentionings of sex and driving here and there.) Isn’t it sad to realize that your existence can be broken down into so few activities? Wow. Anyway…

So I recently saw the movie Holes which I totally looooooved. I don’t know if anyone else is into really good children’s movies or books, but if you are, this is so worth watching. I got goosebumps through a lot of it, not because it was scary (yes, I am sometimes scared by children’s movies/books, i.e. Harry Potter), but this was more goosebumps just ‘cause it is a friggin cool story.

Also on the cool list lately is Dark Age of Camelot. I never in a million years thought I would play a MMORPG, but Jay kept saying it was cool and I agreed to try it. Turns out I am a natural. :o) Can’t say how long it will hold my interest, but for now it is a good alternative to staring vacantly at the TV when I have nothing else to do…

Oh oh, and one wicked cool thing that happened to me Monday nite… Well, as some of you may remember, my old grouchy cat (who only loved me and that is why I loved her despite her grouchiness), Juniper, had to be euthanized in June after months of illness… And when we first opened here (the new animal hospital), Sarah was pulling the “I know something you don’t know!” thing and told me that some time, from someone, some kind of plant was going to be given to me. I of course assumed it was Jay sending me flowers and made an ass of myself when he denied it. Ha ha. Anyway, Monday nite, Dr. D led me out to the flower border and pointed to a bush and asked me if I knew what kind of bush it was. I correctly identified it as a juniper bush at which point he took out a stake plaque (the kind that goes into the ground) which read “In memory of Juniper, our first patient.” It hadn’t even occurred to me that she was the first seen here, even before the exam rooms had tables, even before we had any inventory, before we even had a scale. I of course cried, not only because it made me think of her, but because that is without a doubt one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever done for me.

So I guess as it turns out, I had a lot to say! Lol. I hope everyone has a happy hump day (as always, happier if you are actually humping!)

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

For anyone who's interested, she (read post below) walked in at 5:45...

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

From the trenches...

I just have to rant right now because I am sooooo annoyed. I love my job (for the most part) and although some people might guess if I hated anything about it, it would be seeing sick or hurt animals, which would be true, the thing I hate about it the most is the fucking ignorance and total lack of accountability of the owners. One in particular…

She has a band of kids, always makes late appointments and always – without fail – is 20-30 mins late, which in turn means we all stay late. She always apologizes, but I feel like slapping her and telling her to maybe start early if every time she tries to pack up the kids she can’t find their shoes… It makes me mad that she refuses to be fucking responsible for herself and her appointment time. So this in itself is one of the aspects of this job that pisses me off.

But lately… She likes us so much (maybe because we put up with what she knows is bullshit!!!!!), she referred her halfwit sister here, whose puppy had a lump on it’s hind end, right under the tail. The sister did not bring the dog in, FYI, this annoying client did… Well, we admitted the dog, stayed late last week and removed the lump. Yay. All is well. Dog fixed. She is given explicit instructions on after care, restricting activity (so as not to damage the incision or pop a suture) and given an e-collar (one of the cones) to keep him from chewing at it. We verbally gave her very detailed instructions and a print out reiterating the same thing.

Do she called the next day and said that the dog was playing with another dog and ripped his sutures. So much for restricting activity. We told her to bring him down by 4 o’clock and we would take a look and do whatever needed to be done. So 4:30 rolled around, then 4:45 and she strolled in, 45 minutes late. Well, the Doc had taken off at 4:15 to go to the bank and post office, thinking she had stood us up. So we told her she could leave the dog, we would take care of him and she could pick him up in the morning. (She couldn’t be back here by the time we closed. I thought this was very accommodating of us.) She got a huffy attitude at us, though she was late and it was her fault the dog was back in the office in the first place!!!

We fixed him (with staples this time), sent him home the next day and all was well… I called a couple days later to see how he was and she told me he was fine, crated all day except for going out 3-4 times a day to go to the bathroom and play. I told her again (a-fucking-gain!!!!) that he was not to play!!! She said she understood and that was that.

So she called this afternoon. The dog was left alone all day without the e-collar on (“Please keep the collar on him until the staples are removed”) and he had chewed out all his staples. She was told nicely that she could bring him down for a 5:20 appointment. She said she couldn’t make it (and we do not want to give her a later option, because as I said, she never fails to be late, just as we are closing) and suggested that maybe the actual owner of the dog – her sister – could bring him down. She said her sister could be here with the dog at 5:00. She then called and said her sister was running late and would be here by 5:15. I ran it by the doctor who said yes, but no later than 5:15, which I repeated to the client. She got a huffy attitude with me and said, “Well, you were going to let me come down at 5:20, so I don’t see what the big deal is!” I felt like hanging up on her… Completely oblivious to the fact that she is not the only person in the world and there is a reason we schedule appointments, and by her showing up late, someone else waits… And we actually have lives, too, and make plans and commit to things, thinking we're gonna get out of here on time. It doesn't even occur to her that Sarah, Barb and Dave have kids waiting for them at home, too... And that maybe I would like to get a head start on my 40-minute commute so maybe, just maybe, I could see my significant other on a week nite. Arrrrgh!!!

I hate self-absorbtion.
I hate lack of accountability.
I hate it when people don’t listen.
I hate what this poor dog’s ass has been through because these people will not follow instructions.
I hate staying late for people like this.

It is now 5:20 and she is not here.

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